Top 8 Design Tips and Ideas for Condo Owners

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minimal living room setup
More and more people are moving towards condos for their urban locations, convenient amenities, and affordable prices. However, condo dwellers are then faced with the tough task of designing their interior while dealing with a much smaller space than they may be used to. Furthermore, units often feel hotel-like and less homey than a house, so it’s important to put your personal touch on your condo to distinguish it from the many others in the building. To help you out, here are our top eight design tips and ideas for condo owners.

1. Choose light or neutral colors

Light and neutral colors are ideal to give small homes a more open and airy feel. A minimalist approach with a neutral palette adds a modern and stylish feel while making the space relaxing.

2. Adjust the floor plan accordingly

home floor planThink about your needs and adjust the floor plan accordingly. For example, if you don’t expect to cook too often, the kitchen can be furnished with just the bare necessities. If you don’t plan to host dinner parties, your dining area can be reduced or eliminated.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors help to maximize light and make a room feel larger. Place a large mirror behind the bed, or position it opposite a window to for maximum brightness. Built in wardrobes with mirrored doors are ideal for maximizing storage space while adding to the aesthetic of a small unit.

4. Add some soft textiles.

Soft textiles will make your unit feel more cozy and homey. Add some carpet or a large, fluffy rug, and curtains at the windows instead of blinds. Invest in some throws and cushions, and hang some framed textiles on the walls.

5. Add some plants

Bring your unit to life with some plants, to make any room feel more inviting. Tall plants can be placed in spaces that are too small to use for anything else, and hanging plants are ideal if you’re short on space.

6. Make the most of any outdoor space.

If your unit has a balcony or other outdoor space, then make sure that you use it. Many balconies rarely get used; however, they can easily be transformed into an extension of the interior where you want to spend time. Add some chair and a table, alongside a few more plants to style your outdoor area.

7. Choose space-saving storage options.

storage cabinets

While small units can be extremely lacking in storage space, there are plenty of space-saving storage options available. Add a pull-out rack to your kitchen to house food and utensils, and purchase beds with storage underneath to eliminate clutter. Hanging shoe holders can be ideal for storing not only shoes but just about anything.

8. Go vertical

Make the most of your vertical space with floor-to-ceiling built in wardrobes, tall bookcases, and shelving. Choosing storage with a small footprint but taller height help to maximize a small unit, while showcasing a few key ornaments that define our style and truly make your condo your own.

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