5 Best Condo Developers in Toronto

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With so many condo buildings in Toronto, it’s important to look at several factors to ensure that you choose the best one to suit you. One of these factors is the developers, particularly if you are buying a condo pre-construction.

Always research the developer before committing to buy and where possible choose a company who has a sparkling reputation and an impressive portfolio of buildings.

There are many excellent condo developers in Toronto – here are five of the very best.


tridel company

After beginning their career in 1934 when Tridel built their first home, they have gone on to develop a stunning range of condominiums in the greater Toronto area, each offering something a little different.

They are best known for their top quality buildings and green-friendly, forward-thinking initiatives. You may be familiar with their work on Aqualina at Bayside Toronto or Alter at Church and Carlton. 

We can expect many more exciting things from them over the coming years, including The Well condos: an ambitious mixed-use community coming to Toronto’s fashion district.

Great Gulf

great gul company

Great Gulf was recognized as 2016's low-rise developer of the year, however, they have also developed some of Toronto's tallest and most eye-catching condo buildings.

They are best known for using innovative, cutting-edge techniques which demand accuracy and precision at every stage of the process, and for their green-friendly construction. 

They have already completed over 40,000 residential units, including One Bloor Street, and 8 Cumberland Condominiums, with many more to come over the next few years.

Diamond Corp

Since Diamond Corp was founded in 2008, they have worked on over 20 developments over the Greater Toronto Area. Their focus is on developing high-quality, innovative residential and mixed-use communities.

Their completed projects include No 210 on Simcoe Street and The Selby on Sherbourne Avenue. They have many more projects on the way including Garrison Point and The Well condos which are both mixed-use developments that are under construction at present.

Rio Can

rio can company

Rio Can have been developing both retail and residential properties since 1993, with a focus on integrity, candor, and responsiveness. They currently have several projects in the pipeline in Toronto and other areas of Canada, including residential, retail and mixed-use developments.

At the same time, they are constantly working on renovations of their existing developments to optimize their value. Rio Can believe that they have a home for every tenant, whether residential or retail and aim to fulfill the needs of every community that they work within.


Cresford’s European inspiration and dedication to quality and luxury have earned them their reputation as a leader in luxury condo development.

They are known for building both high-rise and low-rise homes in the most desirable urban locations and providing fashion-forward design and sophisticated amenities – essentials for any luxurious condo. 

They are well known for their work on Casa condominiums, Windermere NXT, 1 Thousand Bay, and many other condo buildings. They are currently working on several other projects including YSL, which will be Toronto’s tallest condo building.

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