Why Fashion Lovers Fall in Love with Toronto

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Toronto is a vast and varied city with something for everyone, attracting visitors from all over the world, from foodies to culture buffs to sports fans. However, that’s not all that Toronto has to offer – it’s also a hot spot for style enthusiasts, and if you have ever visited you may have noticed that the majority of people in the city are breathtakingly stylish. From those who love the top designer brands to the people with a unique personal style, Toronto attracts them all. Here are the top six reasons why stylish people love Toronto.

Top designer brands

For those looking to splash out on Kate Spade, Prada, Gucci, and more high-end brands look no further than Bloor-Yorkville.

The array of big name stores and upscale boutiques make Bloor Street one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. It's no surprise that this is heaven for stylish people who want the best of the best and have money to spend.

gucci store

Find something unique

It’s not just the top brands that are available in Toronto’s shops – it’s also the perfect shopping destination for those looking for something vintage or a one-of-a-kind piece. Queen Street West, named ‘the second hippest district in the world’ by Vogue magazine, is home to vintage shops, chic retro stores, and locally designed clothing. Kensington market is another favorite place to shop for those looking for something a little different with an eclectic mix of clothes shops.

Find a bargain

bargain sale in gap

If your style is designer but your budget doesn’t match up, Toronto has something for you too. There are eight Winners stores across the city, selling discounted designer clothes, jewelry, shoes, cosmetics and more at up to 60% off.

 The stores are large and it can take a bit of searching to find the perfect bargain, but the dedicated shoppers of Toronto know it's worth it.

Multicultural influences

Toronto is home to people from a wide array of cultures from all over the world. The multicultural nature of the residents is reflected in all areas of the city, from the restaurants to the stores. Many stylish people love to shop here as local designers are influenced by worldwide cultures.

Gorgeous backdrops

Once stylish people have the perfect outfit, the next step is finding the ultimate backdrop for that blog photo or Instagram post, and Toronto delivers.

With beautiful parks, charming old buildings, a stunning harbor front and much more, fashionistas will never be short of a gorgeous background to show off their style.

gorgeous lady with nice background

Toronto fashion week

The ultimate fashion event attracts stylish people from across Canada and the world, to experience top brands and local designers in Toronto's most prestigious luxury retail neighborhood: Yorkville. Fashionable people flock together to meet designers, shop the latest designs, learn about the latest trend forecasts from the experts, and even dine in style. For the stylish people of Toronto, this is an event not to be missed.

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