7 Best Places to Shop in Toronto

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Toronto’s shopping scene is arguably one of the best in the world, offering something for everyone across the city. From Chanel, Tiffany, and Prada, to local designers, used clothing stores, and one-of-a-kind pieces, Toronto has it all. So whether you're looking for the ultimate vintage bargain or upscale couture, check out our picks of the best places to shop in Toronto.

1. The Eaton Centre

The Eaton Centre is a vast shopping center located in downtown Toronto, admired by many for its stunning architecture, but mostly visited for the 250 shops it houses. The stunning glass-topped building is home to ‘flock of geese,' a piece by artist Michael Snow, which is a must-see for visitors.

However, more importantly, it is the third largest mall in Canada and Toronto's premier urban shopping center. The stores are spread over three floors and appeal to all budgets – it's easy to see why the mall attracts millions of shoppers every year. There are also plenty of delicious places to eat if you need to refuel.

Eaton Centre

2. Queen Street West

Labeled as ‘the second hippest district in the world' by Vogue magazine, Queen Street West is not to be missed by shoppers. This is the ultimate place to find one-of-a-kind pieces. Antique shops and chic retro stores line the streets, showcasing unique, locally designed clothes and merchandise to delight quirky style-hunters.

3. Bloor-Yorkville

If you're looking to spend a little more, head to one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. You'll find upscale boutiques, big name brands, and high-end stores. This is where you will see all of your favorite top designers, from Prada to Gucci, to Kate Spade and many, many more.

4. Vaughn Mills

Vaughan Mills

Head 32km north of downtown Toronto, and you’ll find one of Canada’s largest malls, at 1.3 million square feet. This is the place to go for leading fashion brands as well as a plethora of restaurants and entertainment options – Vaughn Mills has it all. There’s even a free shuttle bus to take you there and back.

5. Yonge and Eglinton

Yonge and Eglinton offer something for everyone with shops ranging from your favorite chains to cool, unique stores. Inside the mall, you'll find mostly top chains, while Yonge Street is lined with unique clothing shops, bookshops, and home decor stores. Whatever you are looking for, Yonge and Eglinton is a great place to start.

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6. Kensington Market

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, Kensington market is a great place to look. A refreshing change from chains and department stores, Kensington market is brimming with retro shops, used clothing stores, ethnic and organic produce stores, and more in this eclectic mix.

shopping spots in Kensington Market

7. St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence market offers visitors one of the top culinary shopping experiences in the world. Shops and food stalls showcase the multicultural diversity of Toronto in the most delicious way. Purchase locally produced food and wine, and grab a bite to eat whatever your food preferences, with food from all over the world.

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