8 Toronto Restaurants You Should Definitely Eat In

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Living in Toronto is a gastronomy delight. As one of the most culturally diverse cities on the planet, it offers a variety of restaurants and cuisines to suit your every palate. We compiled some of them here so you can decide where to eat in next. Many of them are beloved by both locals and tourists alike, and, if you live in Toronto (or are planning to move there), you’ll find that most of these restaurants are just a short distance away from the numerous condos that dot the city.

A word of warning though: You might find yourself wanting to eat out every single night instead of staying at home to cook. That’s how good the food from these restaurants are. Really.

1. Canoe

First on our list is a restaurant known for its high-dining experience (both literally and figuratively). Located on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower, this place serves up works of art that evoke the modern Canadian cuisine. Try out their seafood platter. It’s unbelievable.

canoe restaurant

2. DaiLo

Located on College Street in Little Italy, this sexy little restaurant serves French-Cantonese cuisine famous for its truffled pumpkin dumplings and whole fried trout. The mood of the place will remind you of a Wong Kar-wai movie, and who wouldn’t want to eat dumplings in a Wong Kar-wai movie?

3. Hanmoto

Open until 2am, this restaurant offers an Asian fusion cuisine that you can indulge in after a heavy night of drinking. Head over anytime to Lakeview Avenue and try out their stuffed wings -- it’s famous for a reason.

4. Tennessee Tavern

Tennessee Tavern

We’ve been to Canada and Asia -- let’s head to Eastern Europe next in Queen Street West! Tennessee Tavern is known for having the best Eastern European food in Toronto, and for good reason. Recommended dishes are the cucumber salad with feta, sumac, and ćevapčići, a traditional Bosnian sausage.

5. United Bakers Dairy Restaurant

From Eastern Europe we’re now heading to Jewish territory on Lawrence Avenue West. This restaurant has been a Toronto staple for more than a hundred years (!) and carries your favorite Jewish deli offerings. Get yourself some bagels and matzah ball soup and thank us later.

6. Grand Electric

Another great spot on Queen Street West is this hip restaurant that serves eclectic tacos that will surely satisfy your taste buds whether you’re a taco fan or not. Bonus: They serve cocktails which make for a more satisfying taco experience.

7. Barberian’s Steak House

Are you a steak-loving person? If so, head on over to Elm Street and partake in one (or two) of Barberian’s amazing steaks. Butchered in house and prepared over a hardwood charcoal grill, their steaks are to die for. No wonder they have been an institution in Toronto for almost six decades.

Barberian’s Steak House

8. Ku-Kum Kitchen

We started with modern Canadian cuisine but we’re ending with Canadian Indigenous cuisine. Located at Mt. Pleasant Road, this restaurant uses only whole ingredients and pays its respect to Mother Nature through its dishes. Seal meat, pine needles, and sweet grass, anyone?

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